The Sons of American Revolution, Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter was issued a charter by NSSAR in 1920, and Chapter Bylaws are dated 1925. Early records indicate that the Chapter was active, which is reflected by the 70 active members reported in documents dated 1927. The current membership is approximately 100.

The Chapter is named after Sgt. Lawrence Everhart. Lawrence Everhart was a resident of Middletown, Maryland. He enlisted in the Flying Camp in August 1776. He fought at the battles of White Plains and Fort Washington. He is credited with helping to save the life of the Marquis de Lafayette at the Battle of the Brandywine.

He enlisted in Col. William Washington’s regiment of cavalry in 1778 and became a sergeant. He is credited with saving the life of Col. Washington at the Battle of Cowpens.

As a captive, Everhart famously expressed his wish to a British officer, “I hope to God that it would be another Tarleton defeat.” The officer replied, ” I am Colonel Tarleton, Sir!” His retort, “and I am Sgt. Everhart!”

He served throughout the Revolution. After the war he returned to Middletown and became a minister in the United Brethren and Methodist churches. A monument has been erected to his memory in the Lutheran Cemetery in Middletown. In order to pursue the objects of SAR, the Chapter has been active in the community to promote the preservation of our Heritage. A sampling of past activities include:

  • Placement of a plaque at the dedication of the Jug Bridge Monument in 1926
  • The first Good Citizenship Award was presented by the Chapter in 1928
  • Grave Markers were ceremoniously placed on the tombs of Lawrence Everhart and Gov. Thomas Johnson
  • National Officers of SAR were hosted by the Chapter in 1934
  • Rededication of the Jug Bridge Monument after relocation in 1994
  • The SAR Mid States Convention was hosted by the Chapter in 2000
  • A number of grave sites of Revolutionary Patriots have been ceremoniously marked
  • The Everhart House ceremoniously received a plaque in 2006

The Chapter continues activities today as witnessed by our Committees and Programs to include the awarding of the first Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2008. (For more information refer to the Chapter History, which is currently being completed.) AN EXAMPLE IMAGERevolution.